Storm Damage

Storm Damage, Our Rapid Response

Trees can be uprooted by our British weather at its worst. Damaged trees and broken fencing can present a risk of injury to people who visit your property, animals and passers-by. Furthermore, broken fences can pose a security threat from unwelcome intruders.

For many years our team have been advising customers about storm damage, caused by strong winds, hailstones, driving rain and heavy snow fall. We can quickly make your outside area safe, repair the damage, then remove all the debris, to make things easy for you.

Emergency Repairs

Our team constantly monitor the weather. So, when a storm hits, we are ready to spring into action, conducting storm damage repairs throughout Leicestershire and the East Midlands.

Damage Prevention

We can advise and act for you, to minimise storm damage, such as stronger fence posts and taking steps to protect your trees through reductions and tree maintenance.

Eco-friendly Waste

All green waste from any fallen trees or tree limbs we remove is re-purposed for Biomass, a renewable type of energy that uses organic matter, instead of being thrown away.

Storm Damage Services - Fallen Tree

Storm Damage Services

Bad storms can endanger lives, if not responded to quickly. If your property is hit by a storm, causing damage, we can help with all outside storm damage problems.

Storm Damage Repairs

Storm Damage Repairs

In 2023, going into 2024, there were no less that 21 storms in the UK and Ireland. All members of our staff are trained to complete the repair to the absolute highest standards.

Preventing Falling Trees

Preventing Falling Trees

Before the worst happens, fallen trees can be avoided through regular health checks. Trees that are diseased or aren’t pruned can be at a higher risk when a storm hits. To avoid this, we can:

What Are The Risks During a Storm?

What Are The Risks During a Storm?

Leaving your trees and fences to fend off the bad weather, when you suspect they are already unsafe can cause greater costs later down the line. The most common ones are below.

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