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A vast number of skills, knowledge and many years of experience is required to successfully design and maintain a well-balanced and thriving landscape. From residential gardens to large commercial contracts, you can trust Murphy’s Ground Maintenance to get it right for you.

We carefully select plants that suit your needs, then help you care for and nurture them, whilst preserving the environment. By understanding the effects of nature, good and bad, our team can keep your gardens and grounds maintained in the best way possible.

Nature-First Approach

The key to beautiful grounds is to ensure the plants and lawned areas are designed to work together in harmony, rather than fighting against nature.

Evergreen Vitality

Vibrant, green, healthy, lawned areas provide the perfect surround to flowers and trees. Caring for your green spaces enables a bright splash of colour to be visible all year round.

Eco-friendly Landscaping

Our team doesn’t believe in using harmful, quick-fix chemicals to solve landscaping problems. By using eco-friendly practices, your outdoor space will be a more sustainable environment.

Comprehensive Grounds Care

Comprehensive Grounds Care

Changing weather conditions present challenges all year round for your garden and grounds. Our team monitor the weather constantly and can help you keep ahead of the game.

Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation

High winds, bugs and diseases can all cause your trees to struggle or die and, in some cases, present a risk of falling on people. Our team undertake a range of arboriculture services.

Seasonal and Sustainable Landscaping

Seasonal and Sustainable Landscaping

Murphy’s Ground Maintenance are best suited to care for large domestic gardens or commercial grounds for businesses, public sector, development sites and housing areas.

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Work done professionally, all safety considered. Recycled waste materials. Hedges, Garden Maintenance and hard landscaping. Well worth a quote!
Jude Newt

Improving your landscape and maintaining your grounds.

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